ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A winter storm is set to bring dangerously cold windchills to the region Thursday and Friday.

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Health experts are reminding everyone to dress properly if they're going outside over the next few days because windchills as low as 30 to 45 degrees below zero can cause frostbite to develop in just 10 minutes.

Jason McDonald is the Injury Prevention Specialist for CentraCare. He says it is important to dress in layers and make sure your winter clothing is the proper clothing...

If we're not wearing proper outdoor clothing, and it's that cold out, that little light pair of knit mittens or gloves isn't enough.  The air will push through there. So, we want gloves that have like a Thinsulate material in them and have some type of nylon exterior that breaks the wind.

McDonald also says it's important to dress in layers, have insulated boots, and wear a hat to help trap the heat in your body.

McDonald adds that it is best to avoid being outside when it is this cold, but if you do spend time outdoors, look for symptoms of cold stress...

So, pay attention to those warning signs. If you're starting to get really red, tingly, and pain in your extremities (it is where we usually notice it first) like your hands and feet, it's time to get inside, start drinking warm fluids, and warming our bodies back up.

If you experience swelling or blisters you should see a doctor immediately.

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