Are there foods you used to eat but now don't? Perhaps it's something as simple as your palate changing or maybe the food just isn't available or handy anymore.

I was thinking back to the Sunday dinners I grew up on. Remember the black roaster pan? Chicken baking in the oven almost every Sunday during church. Add mashed potatoes, a vegetable and pie and you'd have Sunday dinner. Sunday evening it was leftovers with a twist. My mother take the mashed potatoes and press them into potato patties that she'd fry in butter. Only a few folks in my age bracket remember potato patties. We of course need to mention the evolution of the microwave. That certainly has changed how and what we eat.

As a kid, one item on the real treat list was Danish Desserts. You can still get them. We called them red pudding. It was simply pudding in a box with a berry flavor. It was expensive so hence, we didn't have it often and it was then considered a treat. Here's one you might not have heard of, fish balls. That was my favorite treat and of course it was quite expensive at least in the old dollar is worth something days. It was actually cod fish balls in a can which my mother would fry in butter. I actually found them in the grocery about 10 years ago but don't see them anymore.

How about breakfast? I lived on cereal every morning for probably the first 30-plus years of my life and maybe even longer. I don't think I've eat a bowl of cereal in 20 years. Just got out of the habit gradually. My breakfast for many years has consisted of a salad. A salad for breakfast? Sure, why not!

Have your tastes or eating habits changed over the years?