What are the odds that one of my favorite Vikings players announces he's releasing his own brand of Vodka, on the same day I happen to be wearing my favorite Vikings t-shirt?!

Pictured: Vikings Super-Fan
Pictured: Vikings Super-Fan

Seriously though, this sounds so awesome!

Chad Greenway, who suited up and played linebacker for the purple for 11 great seasons, has found his calling post-football and has launched his own brand of Vodka, called Gray Duck Vodka. This of course is a nod to the greatest game ever invented - Duck, Duck, GRAY DUCK.

Come fight me if you think I'm wrong.

According to Bring Me The News, Gray Duck Vodka is 100 percent locally sourced and is made with corn from Minnesota. It's 40 percent alcohol/volume, 80 proof, organic and gluten free. And what's sure to make this bottle a collector's item, the inside of the bottle has a map of the United States with Minnesota highlighted in purple.

Redditors online are saying they're already spotting it in stores in the Twin Cities, and the bottles are going for about $24 after tax.

After reaching out to several liquor stores around Rochester, none of them are stocking #52's vodka - YET. After speaking with Mike at Andy's Liquor in the Crossroads Shopping Center, he said after making several calls he hasn't figured out which distributor will be carrying the vodka but when he does track it down he has no doubt they'll be selling it to customers.

Side note: He did want to point out to Vikings fans that Crown Royal Whiskey will be releasing a limited edition purple bag that will feature the Vikings logo on it. That should be available in the next week or so.

All I know is once either of these items do drop around here, I'll be quick to add them to my collection to enjoy pre-game bloody's and post-game victory shots on Sunday - SKÖL!

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