The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources states in a press release that work has begun on a drawdown on Freeborn Lake. Among the goals of this project is an improvement in water quality and waterfowl habitat and an attempt to remove rough fish such as common carp which tends to hamper the growth of aquatic plant life.

Recently a new culvert was installed on County Highway 6 and the Cobb River to serve as a passive barrier to keep common carp and other rough fish from re-entering the lake. The water levels are being lowered to enable construction of a new dam. The water levels will be lowered throughout next summer as well to encourage plant growth.

As a result of the drawdown, liberalized fishing is now in effect on Freeborn Lake from now until November 1. Liberalized fishing means that all species of fish may be taken in any quantity and in any manner except with the use of seines, hoopnets or fyke nets. Gill nets must have metal tags stating the operator's name and address.

As the water level returns to its normal level, the DNR will restock the lake with fish such as northern pike and yellow perch. Funding for this project is provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

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