Early this month, rising artist MaRynn Taylor brought her "Every Single Summer" to life with a fittingly nostalgic and fun video treatment. With elements of young love, nostalgia and summer fun on the water, the video faithfully follows the song's lyrics of looking back on a summertime romance that might not have lasted, but still lives on in the memories of the two people who lived it.

In a new behind-the-scenes video premiering exclusively with Taste of Country, go inside the video shoot with MaRynn Taylor and the rest of her team. From wardrobe to location to hilarious outtakes with the cast, this clip is packed full of goodies that you didn't see in the final video cut. "Every Single Summer" can be found on Taylor's debut EP Something I Would Do.

"This is a narrative look," Taylor says at the start of the clip, showing off her various outfits for the shoot — including two identical yellow dresses. "We have two, 'cause it's a bit muddy out here in the woods."

Other elements include a vintage, baby blue truck. "Do I get to drive it?!" the singer asks excitedly before filming starts. "Can you drive stick shift? Then probably not," someone off camera shoots back.

But although Taylor didn't actually get to drive the truck in the video, there was plenty of hands-on fun for her and the actors who play her friends. Later on in the behind-the-scenes clip, she introduces fans to Mason, the actor who plays her on-camera boyfriend.

"We're kinda dating," he jokes. One scene shows the two of them fishing together -- something that Mason admits he has no idea how to do in real life. "I don't fish, so I was acting really hard in that scene. I hope it looks good."

The real-life fun energy of the cast and crew play into making every scene look bubbly and fun, including the final clip, where Taylor, Mason and their pals are dancing around in the bed of the truck with sparklers as the sun goes down.

"Every Single Summer" is the latest release off of Taylor's growing catalog of uptempo, relatable pop country. Previously, she's put out songs like "I Know a Girl" and "Dads and Daughters," a tribute to her close relationship with her father.

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