I was talking with my mother the other day and she mentioned that our old home church in Wisconsin had been broken into. From that topic we got to discussing the neighboring church 5 miles down the road. This East Immanuel Lutheran Church is often brought up when discussing possible haunted places in Wisconsin. In the early 80's the church bell started ringing by itself. The minister who lived across the street went over to check it out and found no one. There were times that the organist would come to practice and report hearing sounds from the basement like a bunch of people were eating downstairs.

Anyway, here's a link to some Haunted Places In Southern Minnesota.

Owatonna is included in the list. Have you ever experienced something eerie like ghosts?

I'm a big skeptical as in all the so called photos of ghosts and spirits they're wearing clothes. Why would a ghost need clothes?

Oh well, click above and take a look at some possibly haunted places in our part of the state.

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