Chase Bryant's high-energy new single, "Hell If I Know," may seem like just another love song, but the lyric video for the track hints at another layer. The clip suggests that the tune may actually be about Bryant's rise to country stardom.

Bryant kicks off the "Hell If I Know" lyric video, which can be seen below, with a shot of him answering the phone in the studio. There's a caller on the line who asks "How in the hell did you get here?" to which Bryant simply responds, "Dude, hell if I know;" then, the new song kicks into gear.

There's a lot that Bryant doesn't know, he explains in "Hell If I Know" -- "Why the red sunset / Turns blue sky black / Why a fast lane feels so slow / And a slow kiss feels so fast," for instance -- but according to the song's chorus, the biggest mystery is how Bryant was able to snag the love of a particularly amazing-sounding woman. The lyrics create a romantic vibe, but the lyric video features behind-the-scenes shots of Bryant hanging out with friends, fans and a couple of adorable pups instead of a pretty girl.

Lindsay Rimes produced "Hell If I Know," and she also co-wrote the song alongside Jon Nite and the late Andrew Dorff. The song doesn't appear on any of Bryant's previous releases, and he has yet to announce a new album, but it is available for download via iTunes.

Bryant has spent much of 2017 on the road with Brad Paisley's Weekend Warrior World Tour. News about upcoming shows can be found at

Watch Chase Bryant's "Hell If I Know" Lyric Video

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