Now, I'm not going to lie to you. I love fast food. I know it's not the healthiest food choice, but man, oh, man, it is convenient and tasty (depending on where you go, that is).

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Cheapism compiled a list of each state's most popular fast-food choices. To say I was shocked by the results is an understatement. 

Before we dive into Minnesota's result, let's take a wholistic look at the findings.

The study determined Sonic to be the reigning champion as it is a fan favorite in a grand total of 14 states. Not far behind the drive-in restaurant is Taco Bell and Wendy's. Nine different states chose those two eateries as top dogs. Lastly, McDonald's brings up the rear with eight states liking the massive franchise best. 

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So, what is Minnesota's favorite?

I am saddened to say, but the people have spoken.

Minnesotans love Taco Bell. (Ew.)

taco bell
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I have never understood Taco Bell's popularity. First of all, the food tends to hurt my stomach, and their tacos and burritos always seem a bit dinky on toppings. 

Personally, I think Minnesota's 2nd or 5th ranking fast-food chains should take over as champions.

Minnesota's Top Five Most Popular Fast Food Chains

  1. Taco Bell
  2. Culver's (Yum, yum, yum!)
  3. McDonald's
  4. Subway
  5. Chipotle (Delicious!)

This is what Cheapism's report had to say about Minnesota's findings:

"Mexican food is popular in Minnesota, where Taco Bell takes the top spot, and Chipotle brings up the rear. This is the only state where Chipotle makes the list, and one of only three where Culver's makes the list. Way to be unique, Minnesota."

How do you feel about these rankings? Are you a bit surprised by them too? Let us know in the comments below. 

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