I'm not sure I'm on board with the whole Pumpkin Spice Latte craze that happens every year... in the Fall.  Actually, if it was Fall, or Autumn (whichever you prefer) then I would be more on board.  But when it's still August and here comes the Fall coffees, foods and everything you can imagine pumpkin spice, it seems a bit early.  Rushing the season, as they say.

Caribou Coffee has launched their Pumpkin Spice everything today.  August 25th.  So, time to forget about Summer (not going to happen) and get your pumpkin spice on!


Fall-loving people, it’s your time to shine.🎃 From lattes to Cake Pops, we’ve got drinks and treats ripe for the picking. 🍂🍁

Posted by Caribou Coffee on Thursday, August 25, 2022


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By the way, Starbucks hasn't announced when exactly their date for Pumpkin Spice everything will launch, but generally it's the last week of August.  A few years ago it was the first week of September.  That is more palatable, But it's still a little early.

There are some people who wait for this day and are very excited about everything pumpkin.  Then there are the people who claim that there is nothing really pumpkin in the pumpkin spice latte coffees. Caribou disputes that.

Each drink uses pumpkin sauce made from real pumpkin puree, the company said.

Personally, I actually do like some of the pumpkin flavored drinks and coffees and snacks.  Is there actually pumpkin in them or is it just flavoring?  I really don't care - it tastes good and it's enjoyable. Some people really get upset about the possibility that it might not be "actual" pumpkin.  But let's be honest, no one is looking for any of these items to be technically healthy.  So, enjoy your pumpkin spice whatever and move on.  It's only here for a short time so we should enjoy, right?  But let's wait until at least September next year, Ok?

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