Keith Urban's new music video for "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" is as glittery and picturesque as the winter wonderland scene inside a snow globe. The clip shows Urban standing in a wintery clearing, surrounded by pine trees, as a gentle snow falls. We see the singer on several different instruments, including bass, guitar and even piano, as he sings the song.

It's a classic Christmas treatment, and in a press release, Urban says that's by design. "I wanted to keep the video loose and a bit more performance-based than the actual story line, because everybody has their own version of what a song should look like, so I didn't wanna touch on that too much," he points out.

Directed by his longtime collaborator Chris Hicky, the music video for "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" is an evocative complement to a song that tells the story of making Christmas perfect, even if logistical difficulties pose a challenge at every turn. Snow isn't in the forecast, families' flights get canceled and the reindeer get lost in a fog, but, Urban sings, love can make the holiday festive anyway.

Urban co-wrote "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" with ace Nashville songwriter Shane McAnally. It's his first-ever original holiday song, but he's well-versed in the nostalgic style of singing that makes for a great Christmas classic. Most recently, Urban released his wistful new single "We Were," which was co-written by Eric Church (alongside Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde), and Church also joined Urban for a re-imagined duet version of the tune in October.

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