Some people, actually most people. are animal lovers to whatever degree.  Some people want several pets while others are content with one or two.

Probably most popular are dogs, overall. But a lot of people also love cats.  Cats can be great. You don't have to have a cat sitter for an overnight stay, they keep to themselves and are usually a lot less needy than a dog.

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Some people aren't able to have a pet, and would like to still have the benefits of being around little animals.  That's where a café like this comes into play.  This café serves hot drinks, teas and coffees along with some pastries and other sweet treats. They have another room where there are a bunch of cats in a sort of cat playroom.  You can choose to watch them, or even join them if you'd like.

The Café Meow is located in New Hope.  They have what they call the "Cat Lounge".

The separate cat lounge area is where The Cafe Meow offers its unique experience that has never been seen before in Minneapolis. We foster up to 20 rescue cats at any given time for you to come visit with and love! All cats are available for adoption through local rescues. There is a cover fee to visit the cats. This helps us provide care, food, and housing for them while they stay at the cafe.

So, if you fall in love with one or more of these cats, you have the option of adopting them.  This café gives these little guys a place to run around and be cats while having some occasional human interaction as well.

If you just want to stop in and get some delicious coffee or tea, you can do that and admire the cats through the window, or make an appointment and you can sit with the cats for a bit.  Just bring your coffee in the room with you and hang out.

See which cats are currently at the Café Meow and make a reservation to hang out with them here.  

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