ST. PAUL -- Minnesota was *not* among the states losing population in 2021, but mirrors national numbers showing the U-S population grew at its slowest rate (0.1 percent) since the country was founded.

State Demographer Susan Brower says

..."the state grew by 225 people this past year. That's the estimate the Census Bureau has just released. And in a typical year during the past decade, the average annual growth would be about 35 thousand people."

Brower says Minnesota had 63 thousand births, somewhat less than a typical year.

There were 54 thousand deaths -- about 25 percent more than normal -- Brower says because the average age is increasing, but also due to COVID.

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Net migration coming to Minnesota from other countries was about one-third of normal at four thousand.

And 13-thousand, about four times the usual number of people, left Minnesota for other states.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network. 


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