Besides having 28 Number One hit songs, Luke Bryan has always been an advocate for farmers. Not only does his songs, like 'Rain Is A Good Thing,' preach farmer ideals, but Bryan's actions show his appreciation for the hard-working agriculturalists.  

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Yesterday, Bryan announced a new project on his Instagram. It's a mini content series called 'Rise Before Sunrise.' In partnership with the global company Fendt, Bryan will wake up alongside farmers this summer growing season. 

Throughout each episode, Bryan farms in the cab of his Fendt tractor, but what makes each episode worthwhile is the peek we get into Bryan's unfiltered thoughts on his music, his fans, and the industry. 

New content releases every few days when farmers rise (aka bright and early in the morning) on the Fendt website. In total, there will be eight episodes throughout the month.

The episodes are short, so it's not a big commitment. My favorite episode has to be Episode One, simply because I find it humorous to hear Bryan bash Blake Shelton's farming skills. 

But this one is pretty funny too.

In addition to the mini series, Bryan is bringing his good music to a few farms in the Midwest for a 2021 Farm Tour.

You can enter a giveaway on the Fendt website for two VIP meet-and-greet tickets. The only catch is you must be a farmer, and farm 1,000 acres.


Sept. 9, 2021Statz Bros. FarmMarshall, WI
Sept. 10, 2021Brown FarmsCedar Rapids, IA
Sept. 11, 2021Three Sisters ParkChillicothe, IL
Sept. 16, 2021Martin FarmsKingman, IN
Sept. 17, 2021Miller Family FarmsBaltimore, OH
Sept. 18, 2021Kubiak Family FarmsFowlerville, MI

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