Dogs are getting sick across Minnesota, and veterinarians are warning people to take dog influenza seriously. The outbreak started with cases back on April 6, and calls have been coming in flooding the Minnesota Animal Board Of Health.

Veterinarians have been calling the animal board describing sick dogs with classic symptoms of Canine Influenza. Members of the Board of Health believe that negative false tests have been happening and the number of confirmed cases is higher and spreading, WCCO reports.

Veterinarians Flooded As "Dog Flu" Sweeps Across U.S.
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What are the symptoms to watch for?

According to the CDC, those symptoms include the following with your dog.

  •  coughing
  • runny nose
  • fever
  • lethargy
  • eye discharge
  • lack of appetite

Some dogs don't show any symptoms, while other dogs can be very sick or die.

Some dogs don't exhibit any of the symptoms, but can still transmit the virus to other dogs. Canine Influenza isn't usually fatal, but it can be in some cases. Severe cases of Canine Influenza lead to pneumonia.

How does Canine Influenza spread?

Dogs can get other dogs sick by being around them. The virus is primarily spread through droplets from their cough, sneezing, or close contact.

Veterinarians Flooded As "Dog Flu" Sweeps Across U.S.
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How do I keep my dog safe?

First, if your dog is showing any symptoms, keep them isolated and away from other dogs. There are vaccines available that you can get by talking to your veterinarian.

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How is Canine Influenza treated?

Treatments are similar to human cases of influenza. The goal is to support the immune symptom and keep the dog hydrated and well rested. Any secondary infections can be treated with an antibiotic prescribed by a vet.

Can I catch it from my dog?

We are all a little skittish following the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Influenza has been known to jump from animals to humans, but the CDC says the chance of canine influenza mutating to infect humans is very low.

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