Many people didn't have much luck with their March Madness brackets this year. But one Minnesotan lucked out with her women's March Madness bracket and actually ended up winning the largest prize in women's March Madness bracket challenge history!

I did a bracket for men's March Madness through work and it was busted after the first few games. I've heard that a lot of people had a terrible bracket because of all the upsets, but Emily Syverud from St. Paul made her picks wisely and with a little luck.

Emily is currently a medical student at the University of Minnesota. She decided to start following basketball this year via a website called 'Just Women's Sports', according to Bring Me the News. Then she saw that they were doing a bracket challenge and she thought she'd try it out.

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She told 'Just Women's Sports' that she chose her men's bracket based on names that she liked but she put a little me strategy into picking her women's bracket since she'd been following the season. Turns out that was a benefit to her because she won $150,000! It's "the largest prize ever awarded for a women's college basketball bracket challenge."

Since Emily will have student loans when she gets out of school she plans to use the money to pay for some of that. She also plans to donate some of the money and upgrading her and her fiance's plane tickets for their honeymoon to first class. Great plan!

Emily didn't pick a perfect bracket, but what are the odds that someone could pick a perfect March Madness bracket? Keep scrolling to take a look.

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