Here we are, it's National Pet Day. Remember your first pet? I was a little boy and my Grandpa Elmer brought me a dog named Brownie. All should have been fine and well except my Grandpa John was anything but a dog lover. Hence, my parents locked Brownie up in a tool shed whenever they anticipated a visit from Grandpa John. That didn't last too long with a crying dog. We finally revealed the secret to Grandpa. Lo and behold they took a liking to each other and became pretty good friends. Brownie won him over. As a young lad I used to name my dad's cows. In fact I don't think I've named a pet since. My daughter and wife take care of that. However, I've decided maybe some of our pets need middle names. I'll take that challenge. I'll skip my daughter's horses, that would take me a whole day to write up. Let's meet a few.

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    My daughter should have known better. She brought Stanley home from a garage sale and said his mother was a St. Bernard. He's a big one. As for a middle name, how about Toulousse? As in the artist Tourlousse Lautrec. Stanley Toulousse. The second U is long. Say it out loud.

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    Marley came out of an animal shelter. She's always been a compulsive licker. Licks everything all the time. She's slowing down and the vision is fading. How about a middle name of Davidson? Yeah, Marley Davidson sounds good.

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    Here's my old buddy. My wife found Ginger in a dumpster in Geneva. I wasn't much into cats until I saw all the mice she was catching.OK, if you earn your keep you can stay. She's been living in my playhouse for close to 15 years. I haven't seen more than one mouse in that old shed in all that time. She also kills chipmunks, moles, bats and birds. If approached by another cat, she hisses and swats at them. She's a real B---- She's doing her job. How about a middle name of Vitus? Ginger Vitus. Oh how true if you could meet her in person.