You've seen all of those social media posts that say "Never Have I Ever" and then you go through the list and give yourself points for how many items you HAVE NOT done.  Well, I found a pretty funny one that is all about Minnesota.

On the list are lots of normal "Minnesotan" things, like "Go to a Minnesota Twins Game" and "Taken a Selfie At the Giant Spoon" but I'm thinking there are a few that might be missing, like taking a selfie at a Paul Bunyan statue or even eating those famous cookies at the Minnesota State Fair.  We are also known for some pretty fabulous 4th of July celebrations and fishing.  Fishing isn't really my thing (I don't like touching worms) so I'm ok with it not being on the list BUT I would have gotten a point.

Never Have I Ever - Minnesota Edition

What other "Never Have I Ever" game should be put together and play?  Here are a few others ideas that might be fun.  You can let me know on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - if you've got any ideas for these lists:

  • Never Have I Ever - Mom Edition
  • Never Have I Ever - Nurse Edition
  • Never Have I Ever - Dad Edition
  • Never Have I Ever - Day Care Center Edition
  • Never Have I Ever - Teacher Edition

What was your score to the Never Have I Ever game? Let me know by sending me a message over on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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