Last week it was announced that The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) has completed and rolled out the Track-Kit system. The new Track-Kit can now provide victim survivors with 24/7, online access to information about the status of their sexual assault kit.

According to Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety,

“Track-Kit uses a barcode system to update information about a kit’s status and location in real time. The medical facility that collects the kit creates the record by scanning the kit’s barcode into the system. Law enforcement updates the status when the kit is sent for testing to an accredited forensic laboratory in the state. The forensics lab updates the status again when it receives the kit and when testing is complete. At any time, a victim survivor can use their unique login and password to see the status of their kit.”


This is definitely a step in the right direction as it shows more transparency of how the system works, and will hopefully hold the system more accountable because thousands of kits in the past have been lost within the system (as stated by the BCA).

A recent MPR article about the release contains a quote explaining “the BCA stands with Minnesota’s victim survivors. We hope the Track-Kit system relieves uncertainty and gives comfort with the knowledge of exactly where their kit stands in the testing process,” said BCA Superintendent Drew Evans in a statement.

All information is credited to the news release provided by Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety, and the MPR article provided. For more information you can visit the those sites as well as this KSTP article.

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