Got any plans tomorrow night? Well, perfect because this firework show in Minneapolis is a MUST-SEE!

The Target Firework Show is Top Five of its Kind in the Country

I promise you this show is definitely worth your time! This show is one of the top five annual firework displays in the United States! Doesn't that explain enough?

The Target Fireworks "are a fully choreographed pyro-musical that times each firework pop to the beat of its soundtrack all the way down to 1/100th of a second."

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A lot of work and dedication goes into this experience. In fact, the choreography process takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of design time per minute of the total show time. That's an incredible amount of planning.

According to Aquatennial, the best place to watch the show is on the west side of the Mississippi River, along West River Parkway near Portland Avenue.

Before the show at 10 pm, you can enjoy live music, food trucks, and more. The City of Lakes Market (equipped with 20+ local markets and small businesses) will be located between the Guthrie Theater and Mill City Museum. 



Live music will occur near Mill Ruins Park.

Music Lineup:

  • 6 pm- Command Steppers
  • 6:30 pm- Colin Bracewell
  • 7:45 pm- Dred I Dread
  • 9 pm- Annie Mack

You can check out a map of all the festivities here.

As you can see by this image, this firework display attracts around 250,000 spectators, so expect it to be busy downtown.

Even if you're not a crowd person, you ought to check this out. I mean, where else are you going to see over 10,000 pounds of fireworks ignited!

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