This is just a thought.

Last week we learned that Twin Cities Summer Jam is not going to continue.  2022 was the last time for this festival that had multiple genres mixed together with a little something for everyone.  It wasn't even divided into certain genres for certain days.  It was all mixed together.  This was a unique concept that not everyone appreciated.  I personally thought it was a great idea, like listening to a random playlist.

The reason for the discontinuation of the festival is because Canterbury, where the festival took place, is building an amphitheater where the camping grounds were.  So, a three day festival with no camping might be a tough go.  The alcohol and concession sales would most likely fall because you are forcing people to leave each day, and to have a designated driver or depend on ride share.  And lets be honest, not everyone wants to do that.  So, attendance may also fall.  That's not great for a multi-day festival.  Understandable.

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But... could it be moved?  I get that it's called Twin Cities Summer Jam, and one of the great things is that it's in our "back yard".  People didn't have to necessarily travel that far from home, but could also stay and camp for the weekend.  How about another idea.  The We Fest grounds.  Soo Pass Ranch.  That area has everything you need and only one festival a year.  We Fest isn't until August.  Twin Cities Summer Jam happens in June.  Could this be a viable idea?

Yes, I understand that it's a drive, it's in Northern Minnesota, blah blah blah.  But, could it keep the festival alive?  It doesn't necessarily compete with We Fest.  I know one of the arguments would be that people would choose between one or the other.  I think that probably happens already.

It's just a thought.  Maybe even a "hairbrained" idea.  But an idea...

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