The 2018 Flower Basket program is reaching its apex today. Owatonna is getting pretty today with the hanging of the flower baskets throughout the city. Take a walk or stroll this evening and enjoy the baskets. The program began in 2004 with 50 baskets and plans are for around 125 baskets in 2019.

The baskets are planted at Souba Greenhousee and Cedar Valley Services provides watering and maintenance throughout the summer season. You'll notice a number of businesses with donation jars set up for those who would like to drop a contribution into the kitty.

You can also make a tax deductible contribution at the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. The cost to plant and maintain a single basket for the season is over $100. You can become a supporter by going to this Owatonna Chamber web site.

A dozen banners will be going up around Central Park as well. A reminder that the 11 at 7 concert series begins May 31 with the Marv Nissl Band performing at 7PM.

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Photo courtesy of Souba Greenhouse.

Here's a look at the baskets all lined up before hanging on Tuesday.

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