Brrrr. Yup, that's the record. It looks like we set the mark this morning for the coldest April 4 temperature in Owatonna. According to the Weather Underground web site the coldest temperature reading on April 4 in Owatonna was 7 degrees in 1975. That was the temperature when I got to work a little after 4 this morning. Between 7 and 8 AM the mercury dropped to 2 degrees. It then rebounded to 5 degrees by 8:30AM. So while unofficial, it certainly appears we set a record this morning. The record high for April 4 is 75 degrees set in 2005.

The average temperature for today is 50 and the average low is 28. That 28 is 2 degrees warmer than our forecasted high for today. Taking a look back to 2017 we had a high of 60 last year and a low of 42. A bit of a difference I'd say.

I took a little peak ahead and April 7 looks like one strange date in Owatonna weather history. We set the record cold for that date in 1990 with a reading of 15. Guess what? The following year 1991 we set the all time Owatonna high for April 7 with a reading of 89. That's a 74 degree swing for April 7 in one year. Does anyone remember that?

The cold appears to be here for another week or more. Hopefully we can get those potatoes in the ground before Father's Day this year.

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