When you're allowed to be messy and act like a kid again, everything is way more fun. That's exactly what you get to do at this place in St. Paul, Minnesota where you literally can splatter glow-in-the-dark paint wherever you want. It sounds super fun!

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The place is called Splatter Paints (pretty self-explanatory) and the one in St. Paul is one of only two in the entire country. The other location is in Texas. They welcome anyone ages 2 and older. So this could be a family outing or an outing with friends.

What you do at Splatter Paints is you do just that, splatter paints! Everyone will get an 8"x10" canvas that you get to splatter glow-in-the-dark paint on however you want. You could make a design, you could have no plan at all. But there are also no rules here, so you can throw paint on the walls, on each other, wherever! You'll also get goggles, gloves, booties for your shoes, and ponchos but you should still wear clothes you don't care about just in case. The paint does wash out but things can happen.

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I was thinking this place would be at least $50 per person but no, $30 per person will get you everything you need plus 45 minutes in the room to have some fun. Sadly you can't have any food or drinks in there, although I definitely understand, getting paint on food or drinks would be really bad. But you could always go out for a drink before (and maybe after too!).

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