It's that time of year again! This Friday, Nov. 25, music fans will converge on local record shops for the chance to grab rare and exclusive releases from their favorite artists.

These special biannual events — Record Store Day and Record Store Day Black Friday — give listeners the opportunity to buy special editions and expand their collections while bonding with their fellow music lovers.

The 2022 Record Store Day Black Friday marks a return to the vinyl bins for many music fans who have been saving up for their special yearly shopping spree. With that in mind, The Boot team picked out our top picks from country and Americana artists featured on RSD's list of exclusive, cross-genre Black Friday releases, which you can see in full here. Keep reading to see our list of must-haves from this year's crop of great music.

Record Store Day Black Friday 2022: 8 Must-Buy Releases for Country + Americana Fans

Heading to your local record store on Black Friday? Here are the eight new releases that every country and Americana fan should add to their collection.

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