The Big Apple. Sin City. Motor City. The Windy City.

City's all over the country have earned -- or claimed -- nicknames for themselves. Some -- like Detroit's "Motor City" -- are more or less positive, while others -- like Las Vegas' "Sin City" -- not so much. Here in Minnesota, most refer to Minneapolis and St. Paul together as "The Twin Cities." Individually, they may also be known as "Mini Apple," "Mill City," or "The Saintly City." St. Cloud here in Central Minnesota is commonly referred to as the "Granite City." Late last year, we asked listeners to share their town's nickname.

Other names for St. Cloud, according to listeners, include "Cloudy Town," "White Cloud," and "Nitty Gritty Granite City." Cokato is also called "Cowtown" and Superior is sometimes referred to as "Souptown." Curious to know what some of the other nicknames for cities around Minnesota are, we did some research and put together a list of some of the strangest or most unusual!

8 Strange or Unique Minnesota City Nicknames

What other nicknames for Minnesota towns and cities do you know of?

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