Since the release of his hit 1999 debut record, Who Needs Pictures, Brad Paisley has become one of the most acclaimed artists in modern country music. As a solo artist, he's taken 20 songs to the top of the country charts, won multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM Awards, and collaborated with some of music's most legendary acts.

Aside from being one of the genre's most celebrated vocalists and guitarists, Paisley has proved his skills as a talented songwriter. His musical career began to skyrocket after the West Virginia native attended Nashville's Belmont University, where he studied business with a focus on the music industry. His hard work paid off, earning him a publishing deal just a few weeks after he graduated from college.

Paisley didn't take long to prove his chops as a writer. After a few of his songs were cut by country artists and became hits on country radio, his talents caught the attention of a few important industry leaders who quickly signed him to his own label deal — and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, Paisley has continued to pen country songs that run the gamut of human emotion, from lighthearted looks at modern life to moving love songs. Tracks like "Two People Fell in Love," "Celebrity, "Letter to Me" and "Ticks" show the creative range that has caused artists to jump at the chance to make these Paisley compositions their own.

Let's look at five stellar country songs written by Brad Paisley and recorded by other country artists.

  • "Waterproof Mascara"

    Recorded by Sheryl Crow

    Co-written with Paisley and Chris DuBois, this powerful story-song from Sheryl Crow was crafted for her acclaimed 2013 country project Feels Like Home. The track thematically echoes one of Paisley's own early hits, "He Didn't Have to Be," by examining the complicated dynamic of a single mom trying to navigate the dating world.

  • "Another You"

    Recorded by David Kersh

    In 1997, the heartbreaking "Another You" served as one of the career catalysts for Paisley. The then-burgeoning country artist David Kersh released the track as a single and took it all the way to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, putting Paisley's talents as a writer on full display.

  • "Horoscope"

    Recorded by Chely Wright

    "Horoscope" is one of three tracks that Chely Wright co-wrote with Paisley for her fifth studio record, Never Love You Enough. The song was a truly collaborative effort, which featured Paisley on guitar and as co-producer.

  • "I Still Love the Night Life"

    Recorded by Tracy Byrd

    "I Still Love the Night Life," a co-write from Paisley and longtime creative collaborator Kelley Lovelace, was recorded by Tracy Byrd for his successful 1998 record I'm From the Country. The playful toe-tapper finds Byrd explaining how his life — including his honky-tonkin' habits — has changed since he found the one.

  • "Watching My Baby Not Coming Back"

    Recorded by David Ball

    Accomplished country singer-songwriter David Ball co-wrote "I Still Love the Night Life" with Paisley and included it as the lead track and single for his popular 1999 record Play. The song, which cracked the Top 50 on country radio, finds Ball coming to terms with the fact that his longtime love has said goodbye for good.

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