Tuesdays are unexciting. It's only the second day of the work week, so you're still mourning the start of work, and it's still too early to get excited about the upcoming weekend.

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Tuesdays, overall, are just blah, though they don't have to be. If you're looking for something to do this Tuesday, you could always jazz up your wardrobe and visit Shepherd's Robe at Vista Covenant Church.

Shepherd's Robe is a FREE thrift shop, yes free store in New Richland. The store offers gently used clothes in all sizes (infant included), bedding, household items, hygiene products and more.

Shepherd's Robe is open 1-3 pm and 6-8 pm every Tuesday. So, if you wanna make your Tuesday special wander over to Vista Covenant Church on 14679 275th Ave in New Richland.

I'm personally in the market for new shoes. I don't know if I walk too aggressively or what, but all my shoes deteriorate within months of use, so I truly can't beat free.

The store isn't accepting any donations currently due to limited space...which means the options must be pretty plentiful.

If you have any questions, call 507-465-8365.

You'll save so much money repurposing these free items, that perhaps you'll be able to afford one of these expensive Minnesotan homes! Well, maybe not. I do a lot of thrifting myself, and still can't afford a single room in any of these houses. A girl can still dream though. ‍♀️

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