In their monthly newsletter, the Steele County Free Fair announced some changes in regards to several stages this upcoming summer. The Elmer Reseland stage which has been located for the last several years to the north of the 4H building will be no more. The former KRFO/Kat Kountry 105 stage will be renamed the Elmer Reseland stage and will focus more on child based entertainment.

The shaded area in front of the stage will be expanded to include more picnic tables and bench style seating. The tent that previously housed the picnic tables and was located across form the auto museum will be eliminated. The grassy area that runs along the south side of the 4h building will have a fence around it so that kids can play while also enjoying the children's programming on the stage.

The area north of the Four Seasons Center running to the south side of the 4H building will be designated KRFO Town Square. Plans are in place to have a marque along Elm to designate KRFO Town Square and also list the name and times of the acts that will be appearing on the Elmer Reseland former KRFO/Kat Kountry 105 stage.

Dates for the fair are August 14-19.

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