Whether you gravitate toward the Rendezvous encampment, hop aboard a horse-drawn wagon or trail your kids to the vintage candy and root beer floats, Sunday's Extravaganza at the Village of Yesteryear in Owatonna offers a pleasant, laid-back entertainment option. It runs from noon to 4 pm on July 11 and is free to attend.

Live music, historic re-enactors, craft demonstrations and a variety of food are also part of the celebration. The event is hosted by the Steele County Historical Society. Current exhibits on display in the History Center building include "County Schools: Beating Hear of the Community," "Parochial Schools: A Fulfilling Educational Experience" and "The American Legion: A Powerful Factor for Good."

The one-room school house in the village has always been one of my favorites. It was a different time in education when students from early elementary through high school would share the same room.

My own tour would also include a stop at the Old Fire Hall. To imagine the challenge of battling a blaze with the equipment used in days gone by compared with the trucks and technology used today is staggering.

It's also fun to take a look at the Large Cabin. Then compare it to the Small Cabin. The term man-cave had a different definition back then.

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Owatonna Chamber of Commerce
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Samm Adams / Townsquare Media
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