There are some great chocolate shops around the state of Minnesota.  If you are a chocolate loving person, taking a road trip and saying it's for Valentine's Day might be just the right excuse to drive around and try some yummy treats.

Remember Fanny Farmer?  That used to be in Crossroads Mall, but hasn't been around for years.  That used to be the go-to for great chocolate. Now there are a few other options.

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Here are a few chocolate shops known for being some of the best.  

Abdallah Chocolates 

This shop is based in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  Although, you can buy them at several other stores, such as Hallmark stores, it's kind of a great idea to actually visit the brick and mortar shop.

Just Truffles

This chocolate shop is located in St. Paul.  Although there are several candy/chocolate shops around, this one is great with the specialty of truffles.  You can even shop them online if you'd like.  But the road trip might be more fun.

Chocolat Céleste

Also located in St. Paul. Their chocolates can be personalized for gifts or just gifts for you.  And if you are looking for artisan type treats for a birthday, this shop specializes in that with their Birthday Collection.

Barbara Ann's Fudge Shop

This shop is located in Stillwater, like you need another reason to head to Stillwater.  Such a great, fun town and with chocolate and fudge!

St. Croix Chocolate Co. 

This one is chocolate AND wine!  I don't really need to say anymore than that.

Daniela's Chocolates

Daniela's Chocolates is located in Forest Lake.  And they have some great gelato too!

There is also a chocolate shop located in Crossroads Mall.  It's called Northwoods Candy Emporium.  That's if you don't want to take the whole "sweet" road trip.  You do have a few options here in the St. Cloud area besides that one in the mall.

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