There are always these lists that come out every year.  Some of them seem pretty accurate and others just seem ridiculous.  This is one of those studies.

Worst and Best Roads in America.  Where does Minnesota rank?  This totally surprised me.

Minnesota comes in at number 2 on the BEST roads in the country.  Seriously??  The first thing that comes to mind is "how bad are the roads everywhere else in the country?"  They must be pretty bad.  Minnesota came in right behind New Hampshire.

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Maybe everywhere else, other than St. Cloud, has great roads.  What I mean by "great" roads would be no potholes, decent shoulders, no uneven patches, etc.  The roads here in St. Cloud need some work. And that is apparently on the schedule for next Summer. There was a supply chain issue, so planned repairs like Cooper Avenue and Wilson Avenue had to be postponed.  Hopefully they get the fix they need this upcoming season.

The study also states that some of the reason that Minnesota/Minneapolis ranked so high would be because of all the bike trails in the Minneapolis area.  But some residents complain that there is too much focus on bike and walking trails and there should be more attention given to the actual driving roads.

If you are curious, the worst roads are apparently in Hawaii.  That's not surprising.

One of our respondents from Wai`anae, on Oahu, said many of the town’s roads “are in need of repair,” and a driver in Ewa Beach, in Honolulu, mentioned one road in particular “where the asphalt forms mounds around the manhole covers that jar the vehicle terribly.”

Our roads need some work and it's gotten worse with the amount of snowfall we have gotten this season. But apparently it's much worse in other states.

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