We all know and love the phrase "Minnesota Nice" but do we as Minnesotans take it too far? is there a point where we should be more assertive? Here are some moments shared or that I have had where we tend to overdo the "Minnesota's Nice."

1. Almost letting a car hit you instead of honking

I was scrolling through TikTok one day when I came across this video a guy made, sharing his story about moving from New York to Minnesota. He shares how we are "too Nice" and explains how one day as he was driving and somebody almost was run off the road because one car didn't check their blind spot. The guy comments how the person driving didn't even honk, he "almost DIED and HE DIDN'T EVEN HONK" the man stammers!

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2. Letting someone call you by the wrong name

Do you ever avoid correcting people, especially if it's to correct them on calling you by the right name? I know I have been too "polite" in the past. One year in high school I had a teacher call me "Kelsey" instead of "Kinsey" and I did correct her the first time. However, the next day she called me Kelsey again, and I ended up leaving it alone because I didn't want to bother her. She ended up calling me Kelsey for 2 weeks before I decided to correct her again.

3. Apologizing for driving or walking in front of someone's picture (even though they might be in our way)

Do you ever duck or run faster and yell "sorry" if you are trying to get to your destination but someone is taking a picture in your pathway? I know I do, but what about when you are driving? Here is an example of a Minnesotan doing just that!

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