Like it or not summer is road construction season. It only stands to reason that road work has to happen when the weather is conducive to it - especially in our part of the country.  It seems like in years past the summer road construction season was primarily pretty short - happening from the end of May until early September.  However, advancements in technology and a variety of other factors have stretched that road construction season out a little; even in the Northland, we see many projects start in March (or even in April) and last until November (or when the ground simply freezes too hard to dig into).

With all of the road construction going on, diligence to safety is a primary concern for drivers.  Distraction and not-following the posted signs can bring serious trouble.

Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have suggested safety tips for navigating through road construction work zones:

Safety Tips For Navigating Summer Road Construction Zones

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