Today marks the 15th annual day of giving in Minnesota, known as Give to The Max Day, supporting non-profits in the state.

Held each year on November 16th, it has generated tens of millions of dollars for Minnesota non-profits.

Give to the Max Day has helped raise nearly $300 million since 2009 thanks to the generosity of hundreds of thousands of donors who give generously as part of this campaign.

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Double Your Giving Power

Want to stretch your generosity? Many non-profits and schools are trying to meet matching gift challenges. You can search for Minnesota organizations offering a matching gift to double your impact here.

A Generosity Guide for Give to The Max Day

This is an opportunity to invest in the causes that align with your values and expand your giving to find and support new organizations doing work near and dear to your heart. The Give to The Max donor's guide is built to help guide your giving planning and use the tools to make it easier and fun. Check it out here.

Donate & Keep It Local

Looking for participating non-profits in your community, you can search here by typing in your location. When I typed in OWATONNA, 863 results were listed, including:

  • Steele County Humane Society
  • Owatonna Public Schools
  • Owatonna Business Women
  • Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival
  • Owatonna Arts Center Foundation
  • Let's Smile, Inc.
  • Owatonna Youth Hockey Association
  • Owatonna Symphony Orchestra
  • United Way of Steele County

That's just a tiny sample of how you can search by location. Hundreds of southern Minnesota non-profits are looking for our help today.

Many schools and other non-profits rely on donations generated each year on Give to The Max Day to fund a large portion of their operations.

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