The Steele County United Way recently launched a new online interactive tool called 'Volunteer Connect'. In a nutshell it's a chance to match up organizations and non profits with volunteers. This can be a long time commitment or simply an offer to volunteer on a one time only basis.

You start by going to the Volunteer Connect web site. You can also access this site through the Steele County United Way web site.

While there are certainly volunteer opportunities for non profits that first come to mind, there are a number of others perhaps you hadn't though of. For example there is a need for volunteer sports coaches for Park and Rec, a couple Farmer's Markets are looking for volunteers to help with information booths and the UM Extension is looking for a helper for some cooking demonstrations.

You can sign up for actual shifts and if something should pop up, you can go back in and reschedule when you can help. Steele County organizations and non profits looking for help can simply to the Volunteer Connect site and sign up their group.

If you're a little hesitant in committing through the web site, there are extra computers at the Steele County United Way office at 110 North Cedar in Owatonna where you can learn more and have someone close at hand to assist you or answer any questions. You may also call (507)-455-1180.

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