Picture this: you walk into your grocery store to buy the things you need. As you do, you go through the cookie aisle because you need to get some Oreos or Chips ahoy. But as you head down the Aisle you stop in your tracks. The Halloween-themed Oreos are available for you to buy and are now stacked beside the original cookie. The question is which would you choose?

The obvious answer is choosing the Halloween Oreos. Hear me out, man! I know there is no difference between the Halloween Oreos and the originals aside from the now-orange colored cream and some fun printed designs on the cookies, but it is because of those things that make them better.

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash
Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

Now, I didn’t think I would mind the difference. The first time I saw the Halloween Oreos was when I went grocery shopping about a month or so ago, and in the excitement of fall festivities I decided to grab them. I don’t know if it was just that package but something about them just was absolutely amazing. Then of course when I ran out, I had to grab some more. And of course, when that pack ran out, I had to grab more again.

This brings me to about a couple of weeks ago when I was done with work and so I headed to the Owatonna Hy-Vee to get my Wide-Awake creamer, bread, and the beautiful Halloween Oreos. However, as I was walking down the cookie aisle I suddenly stopped in my tracks. There were NO Halloween Oreos available at this Hy-Vee! I did not think it would devastate me so much but I ended up just standing in the cookie aisle for two minutes just wondering what I should do. Should I just buy an original pack or would I go out of my way to go to another store to get the Halloween version? I decided to just get a small pack of the originals and disappointedly checked out (don’t worry, I still love the Owatonna Hy-Vee).

Fast forward to now, I thought this was just me being me (who loves Halloween and fun little things like different colored cookies) but as I was doing random research my auto google search decided to give me the prompt “why do Halloween Oreos taste better?” and I had to see what other people were saying because I was now not the only one who thought this!

I found an article from starnewsonline.com titled “Why the Halloween Oreo is Superior” and of course had to dive into it. The author, Ashley Morris, mentions that “When you see the Halloween Oreos show up in the store, it's like when you see they are setting up a pumpkin patch -- you just get this twinge of excitement… You know that Halloween is coming, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas -- as a kid, the changing of the seasons is the coolest."

And you know, she is correct on this. I know there is no difference between the Halloween-themed ones vs. the original. But because I see the orange-colored cream instead of white and the little pumpkin or ghost saying ‘boo’ on the cookie I get excited and in doing so I swear my taste buds do too and bring in the placebo effect making them taste better. All in all, I don’t mind, it’s just another fun little thing to get excited about! I hope you find a chance to grab them before they’re gone!

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