A typical house fire can double in size every minute. If the fire department has to spend two or three minutes digging a fire hydrant out of snow and ice upon their arrival at your home, you can imagine the devastating results that delay could have.

This winter, there's a new and fun incentive to clear snow around fire hydrants. The Owatonna Fire Department has launched a 'Keep Fire Hydrants Clear' contest to keep hydrants clear from snow.

Enter to win an Owatonna Fire Prize Pack, including things like a blanket, travel mug, fire extinguisher, CO alarm, smoke alarm, and more at the end of the winter.

Owatonna Fire Department
Owatonna Fire Department
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Owatonna Fire Chief Ed Hoffman says...

During a fire, every second counts, and after a snowfall, there are hydrants that become a little hard to find. Having an easily accessible fire hydrant affects how quickly we can successfully put out a fire in your neighborhood.

All you need to do is clear a 3-foot perimeter around the hydrant, along with a path from the street to the hydrant after each snowfall.

Send your photos of hydrants being cleared using Facebook Messenger to Owatonna Fire Department, tag the fire department in a Facebook or Instagram post, or use the form here to enter the contest. Each time it snows it's another chance to get entered.

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