Scott Wopata has had a great time coaching soccer at Northfield high school. But a week and a half ago he was offered the job of Executive Director of the Community Action Center in Northfield and he knew in order to take that job, he would have to walk away from coaching the soccer team.

He told the Northfield news that the school has posted the job opening and that Doug Seymour plans to return as the junior varsity coach and Cale Steinhoff is going to continue to be a varsity assistant. The first game of the 2018 season is scheduled for Aug. 28 at Prairie Seeds Academy in Brooklyn Park.

Wopata has previously been the executive director of the Northfield Union of Youth. He told the Northfield news if the job opportunity had come at a different time of year he might have been able to continue at least one more season to help with the transition. But with making sure the Union of Youth is ok and starting the new job and with the soccer season a short time away, it would have been too much.

He has been the head coach since 2011. And was an assistant before that. He said that watching players grow into leadership roles will be the part of the job he will miss the most




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