Hello, yes you read that right. Okay so yeah, I am now 23 years old and I just took my car through a car wash for the first time this year. And hear me out! There is a reason why.

Okay ever since I was little, I have always loved car washes... until I started driving myself. When I was little and when my mom or dad would take my brother and I through a car wash I always remembered them slowly driving the car onto the tracks to keep the car in place. I never thought anything of it until I started driving.

Then, all I could think about was “how am I gonna drive straight?” “What if I fall off of it?” “Will I damage my car?” And so ever since I got my license, I have never been through a car wash where I have driven the car myself. plus the rain washed my car pretty well, and I don't go off-roading so that helps.

I know it sounds dumb, but I have always been an anxious driver. Driving has fueled my anxiety so much and the first time I went through a drive-thru I drove on and over the curb so that totally helped my confidence and ego (can you sense the sarcasm).

Anyways so I thought I’d take you through my thought as I went through a car wash for the first time.

I ended up driving to the car wash all the way near my home (an hour from Owatonna) because I was nervous and wanted to be somewhere comfortable. And of course, when I got there, there were no cars in a line so I just went to one of the 4 options and luckily it was open. I paid and waited.

The garage door opened and everything was… anticlimactic.

Kinsey, Townsquare Media
Kinsey, Townsquare Media

There were no tracks! It was just a floor! Like what? So, I have been scared for nothing. Anyways I went through, sat during the car wash, and then drove out.

So now I am laughing at myself and thought I would share because that is just too funny. Like car washes aren’t like what they used to be in like 2008, why did I expect that lol.

In summary I guess I will be going through car washes more often now that I know the HyVee car washes are just concreate floors.

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