If per chance you have heard these before it's a coincidence. I'm like most folks in that I can't remember jokes so I thought I'd try to write a few. And they are bad.

1. Here's a dated one. What's Sly Stallone's favorite ice cream?  "Rocky" Rhodes of course. Hard to believe that movie is over 40 years old. A younger person wouldn't get this one.

2. Ole went to the funeral home to pre plan his arrangements. When asked if he wanted a burial or to be cremated. Ole chose cremation as he said that he'd spent most of his life in the hole and wanted a change.

3. What did the neutered dog name his privates? Mutt thing.. This one is really bad isn't it?

4. Popeye had his annual physical. He was told he had a good body mass index which he credited to his eating spinach. The doctor was puzzled that his cholesterol was good even though he smoked a pipe. Popeye said it was because he cooked with Olive Oil. We could change this one a bit if we wanted to. Why did Popeye have such soft skin? Because he bathed with Olive Oil. Either way they're both bad.

5. Ole was a real real old man. How old? Well, when Ole's father thought he was old enough to drive he took him to the park and put him on the merry-go-round. That was the only kind of behind the wheel training they had in those days. Ouch

I'm getting sick. Time to stop.

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