This is a pretty good showing for Minnesota lakes. Recently, a Swedish fishing equipment company, ABU put out a list of the top 100 fishing spots in the U.S. and 9 of them just happen to be right here in Minnesota.

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The highest rated spot is the Red River between Moorhead and the Canadian border. “The area between Fargo and the Canadian border is paradise for those who like to catch channel catfish, walleye or even musky,” the website said. “This stretch of the river has plenty of them all, as well as some smallmouth bass, pike and even sturgeon. The Red River of the North offers quantity and quality for the species of gamefish most popular with today’s anglers with numerous access points near population centers along the North Dakota-Minnesota border.”

The other 8 great fishing spots in Minnesota that made the list were;

Mille Lacs was rated number 17, with the most popular fish being walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike.  May thru June are the best times to fish Mile Lacs.

Boundary Waters is ranked at # 39 with walleye and northern pike topping the list of most popular fish.  Best time to fish there is May thru September.

Lake of the Woods can me in at #42 with walleye being the most popular to fish for.  Fishing is good all year (but they close the season mid March thru mid April).

Rainy Lake ranked #54 with the most popular species being northern pike and walleye. Spring and Summer being the best time to fish this lake.

Leech Lake came in at # 56 with largemouth bass and walleye being the most sought after catches. Spring and Summer is the best time to fish.

Mississippi River pools at Red Wing Is ranked #71 with smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye being the most popular to fish for.

Lake Minnetonka ranked at #78 with largemouth bass being the most popular to fish for.  Best fishing time is April thru October.

Lake Vermillion comes in at #80 with delicious walleye topping the list for most popular catch.

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