It may be almost Christmas time, but do you know what that means? It’s Spotify Wrapped time (and Apple Replay time I guess). Question is, which one are you? Have you checked your wrapped list or Replay list?

As someone who LIVES for my Spotify Wrapped, I was so excited this year to see what my activity was like.

If you don’t know, since 2016, Spotify has been providing users with new (and very shareable) data, charts and graphics detailing their musical taste across the last year. Every year they do it a little bit different to keep it interesting and fun!

While last year they had a sort of soundtrack to your movie theme and shared what your music Arora looked like, this year shares what music personality you are with 16 different options!

I personally think this is so fun! I try to see how much music I can listen to in a year, how many different artists I can listen to (or genres), who my top 5 artists are, and what my top 5 songs are! I am pleased to see that this year my personality was ‘Adventurer’ which Spotify described as “a seeker of sound. You venture out into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, and newer tracks.” In addition, I found out I am in the top 0.05% of Halsey listeners and I could not be happier!!!

Kinsey, Townsquare Media
Kinsey, Townsquare Media

However, if you do not have Spotify (personally, I think you’re missing out) Apple did follow suit with their own version called Apple Replay starting in 2019. This year I will say Apple has stepped up its game and brought in more data for each listener to see.

According to an article from, Apple Replay 2022 “will now offer expanded listening insights and new tools, including a personalized highlight reel reflecting users’ top songs, top albums, top artists, top genres and more. For the superfans on the app, Replay will let them know if they made it into the top 100 listeners of their favorite artist or genre.”

So, have you seen your list yet?

If you want to check your Spotify Wrapped, click here, or if you want to see your Apple Replay, click here!

You Can Stargaze in This Cute and Cozy Airbnb on Lake Superior!

I was recently recommended this Airbnb, and now I am dying to go, so I thought I’d share it as well. The 16'x20' cabin sits between the forest and Lake Superior. It also shares property and driveway with Agua Norte Loft which is an occasional vacation rental about 4 miles from Grand Marais, but the cabin contains a private unobstructed view of Lake Superior, so you will never really know there is a loft.

Listed in the description of the website this wonderful cozy cabin “is filled with windows to capture the amazing Lake Superior vistas plus a big skylight above the bed to stargaze and watch the Northern Lights. Grab your coffee and walk down to the pebble beach across the road or hang out on the large cedar deck and watch the waves crash on Five Mile Rock.” Like, how can you not immediately want to plan a weekend trip to stay here?

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