Like beauty, great pizza is in the eye of the beholder. I'm pretty sure I've never had pizza that I didn't like -- dine-in, delivery, take & bake, and frozen; I like it all. (As long as you don't put any pineapple on it.) The only place hot fruit belongs is in pies.

Some call me a major pizza-lover, while others call me a man with low pizza standards. You can call me whatever you want while you're handing me another slice.

The team at 24/7 Wall Street collected customer reviews from all kinds of different pizza restaurants and found that these five had far more negative reviews than the rest.

#5 - Domino's

As I mentioned earlier, I like pretty much all pizza. Is it the best pizza I've ever had? Well, no, but it's good to me. When I order from Domino's, I usually choose them because few have delivery figured out like they do. They usually have pretty good specials, and their app works well too. (144 Minnesota locations)

  • Common Dominos Criticisms: Lack of consistent quality, Low-quality toppings
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#4 - Papa Murphy's

Honestly, I have only had Papa Murphy's a few times. Not because I don't like it, but because the take & bake is usually a step I don't need in my life. 😆 I mean, if I'm ordering pizza, why not order one that's already cooked. But that's just me. (84 Minnesota locations)

  • Common Papa Murphy's Criticisms: Inferior ingredients, Crust texture

#3 - Little Caesars

I've consumed quite a bit of Little Caesars in my days. Again, not the best pizza on the planet, but works for me. When I order Little Caesars I'm either pretty broke (I mean $5.99 right?!), or I'm driving by a store and I can quickly grab on that's already made from the drive through. (40 Minnesota locations)

  • Common Little Caesars Criticisms: Low-quality ingredients

#2 - Cici's

Never been, and there are not any locations in Minnesota.

  • Common Cici's Criticisms: Lack of freshness, Flavorless sauce, Off-putting cheese consistency

#1 - Chuck E. Cheese

I have never had Chuck E. Cheese pizza either, but avoid the place for reasons that have nothing to do with pizza quality. There's something about going somewhere where there are a half-dozen fiver-year-old birthday parties are going on is just not my cup of tea. (6 Minnesota locations)

  • Common Chuck E. Cheese Criticisms: Unappetizing cheese, Toppings that lack quality, Cardboard-like crust, High prices

To leave on a positive note, some of my favorite pizzas in southern Minnesota come from Zadeos in Rochester, A Taste of the Big Apple in Owatonna, and the Signature Bar in Faribault. I'm also a fan of Carbone's, with multiple locations.

Great, now I'm hungry.

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