Mother Nature strikes once again. This time in a bean field near Climax, Minnesota.

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Last week, a crack in the earth caused a northwestern Minnesota field to fall two stories. A 25-foot-deep and quarter-mile-long canyon was left in its place.

Facebook--Photo by Brad Thoreson
Facebook--Photo by Brad Thoreson


According to MPRnews, Wayne and Erllene Erickson, fourth-generation farmers in the area, have never seen anything like this.

Wayne Erickson said:

“When I drove out here, it looked like the Grand Canyon. We didn’t have all that slumping going on, it was just straight down. Straight up and down.”


Facebook--Photo by Brad Thoreson

Geologists with the University of North Dakota believe the dry weather, the drop in water levels on the Red River, and recent rains created the perfect conditions for this natural phenomenon.

Erllene Erickson stated:

“[It’s] kind of scary. It is sad, sad to see it. Mother Nature does what she wants.”

And there couldn't be a truer statement.

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