Now that it is summertime ice cream shops are open everywhere and ready for to scream for ice cream! But what are the best spots to hit when looking for great ice cream deals? Well here is a list of some of the best places to get your scream on!

1. Nelson’s Ice-Cream, located in St. Paul and Stillwater

When looking for a place to get the biggest scoop of ice cream, this is your place! Thankfully they have two locations, and not only that but they have over 40 flavors to try. This was always my favorite spot because the sizes are so big and it always makes me happy!

2. Flapdoodles, located in Rochester

If you are in the Rochester area you need to check out Flapdoodles owned by Mike Tierney! This is a wonderful and fun environment where you can be served handmade ice cream every day!

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3. Big Dipper Creamer, located in Blaine and North Oaks

Not only is this a family-owned business, but they have over 50 flavors to choose from including options that are dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan! But wait, it does not stop there, they even have a 24/7 ice cream vending machine for you to use after hours!

4. Mr. Twisty, located in St. Cloud

Want a place that is a little more than just plain old ice cream? Then head to Mr. Twisty. Here, they sell Italian ice in many flavors as well as specialty items and some food!

5. Mom’s & Pop’s, located in Mankato

Need another place that is more than just ice cream? At Mom’s & Pop’s, they have many flavors of hard-served ice cream, non-fat yogurt, and Italian ice too! They even serve smoothies and espresso drinks!

List inspired by this article. check it out to discover even more!

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