Winter is coming up, and I know having someone to snuggle up with on the couch makes the chilliness outside seem less threatening.

If you're lost in love, head to one of these Minnesota cities. Perhaps your true love is awaiting your arrival. 

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I can admit first-hand that dating is not easy. It is time-consuming, heart-wrenching, and quite frankly, awkward. Once the pandemic hit, dating became even more challenging, but now that things are slowly returning to normal, it's time for you to pounce on the opportunity. Your best bet is to explore these Minnesota cities. compiled a list based on a mixture of opinion and facts, so I'll preface this by saying this list is not an end-all-be-all. 

The staff at determine the date-ability in each city by focusing on four factors.

  1. Population Density
  2. Amount of Single People
  3. Amount of People Without Kids
  4. Amount of Places to Meet People: Coffee Shops, Bars, Restaurants, and Church Per Capita

So without further ado, let's dive in.

Best Places For Dating In Minnesota: Here’s What You Need To Know

According to, these are the best cities for dating in Minnesota, and as their staff writers so delicately put it, if you're thinking, “Hey, I live in one of those places. It’s hard to find a date.” Well, then perhaps it’s not them. It’s you.

(Ruthless, no?)

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