In a recent interview with the syndicated night show Taste of Country Nights, Cole Swindell explains that part of what makes his recent hit single "Break Up in the End" so special is its universal appeal: "This is one of the first songs I've ever released to radio that I did not write," Swindell says. "But when I heard it, it was just something that I've lived through. When someone else tells your story in a song, you think, 'Wow, I'm not the only one that feels like this.' I think that's why we love country music."

Relatable music has become a hallmark of Swindell's career, especially when it comes to topics of loss. Perhaps his career song to date, "You Should Be Here," tells the story of Swindell's sudden loss of his father in 2013; though the song is deeply personal to Swindell's own life, it may also be the one that connects most directly with his listeners. The country singer has revealed that his upcoming third record will include a new song about his father, called "Dad's Old Number."

"Dad's Old Number" has not yet been released to audiences, but Swindell tells Taste of Country that it is "just gonna rip people's hearts out." The song was written by Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill with Swindell in mind, the singer says, and will be included on the same album as "Break Up in the End."

"I've been through that," the country star goes on to say. "You lose people and you still have their number in your phone, and it's hard not dial them up, even though you do it anyway, just to see who's got it."

Swindell shared that his third album will also feature a song inspired by '90s country, and that he'd love to perform it as a duet with a '90s female vocalist. The record will also include a song titled "Reason to Drink," which shares its name with Swindell's current tour. During a recent press conference, the singer suggested that Reason to Drink is also in the mix as a potential album title, though he was quick to point out that he has yet to make the final decision.

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