The fifth annual Commissioners on Wheels tour will visit a number of Southeastern Minnesota communities next week. Representatives from 9 state agencies will travel the arrea for a three-day bus tour running September 18-20.

Stops in the immediate area include Al-Corn Clean Fuel in Claremont, Hormel Institute in Austin and the Faribault Woolen Mill. Other stops include R3ed Wing, Winona, St. Charles, Chatfield and Rochester.

Among the goals of the trip is to increase awareness of Minnesota Business First Stop which was created by Governor Mark Dayton in 2012 to help businesses cut through red tape when working with state agencies.

DEED Commissioner Shawntera Hardy will be joined by representatives from the following agencies:

department of Agriculture

department of Natural Resources

Pollution Control Agency

Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation

Department of Revenue

Department of Labor and Insustry

Department of Commerce

Department of Transportation


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