When it comes to driving, Minnesotans aren't actually the worst! (But they're also not the best.)

It comes as no surprise that the busiest highways in Minnesota are simultaneously the most dangerous. With that being said, do you have any guesses on what road ranks highest in fatalities? 

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To start, I feel it is only fair to hand out a few honorable mentions. 

Dangerous Highways in Minnesota

5. US Highway 10 (Runs east-west across Minnesota from North Dakota through Minneapolis onward to Wisconsin.)

4. Interstate 94

3. US Highway 14 (A very familiar southern highway here in Owatonna.)

2. US Highway 12 (Runs from Minneapolis to the South Dakota state line.)

And that leaves us with one major deadly highway...

US Highway 169 is Minnesota's Most Dangerous Road

I use to drive this road bi-weekly when I went to college. I remember passing many accidents. Thankfully, I was never in one. 

An average of 6 people die in car accidents on this road every year, and many countless others are injured. Six may not sound like much, but unfortunately, the number is growing.

According to a news release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, this year's number of fatalities continue to be the highest year-to-date numbers in the last five years. I can imagine the number will only grow as we start to see more ice and snow on the highways.

So, perhaps it's time to find a new route or maybe it's just time to break out those walking shoes. 

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