Well, the news is out and Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning British Monarch (70 years on the throne) died today at Balmoral castle. Now this year has been a year of many things, but we did not think it would include the deaths of those like Betty White and the Queen.

The Royal Family Visit Scotland - Armed Forces Act Of Loyalty Parade
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This makes me think though, what has the queen lived through, and what has happened in our world since she has taken the throne? Here’s a little list of just some of the things I could come up with and what John Green has mentioned in a TikTok.

  • The Queen was 41 when interracial marriage was deemed universally legal in the United States
  • The Queen was 52 the last time a person died from smallpox
  • Sierra Leone achieved independence from her British Empire when the Queen was 35
  • Walt Disney World opened in Florida when she was 45
  • The Queen had met 13 U.S Presidents during the time they were the president of the U.S starting from President Truman (1945-53) to current President Biden.
  • Queen Elizabeth has worked with15 Prime Ministers
  • Queen Elizabeth was only 18 when World War II ended
  • She has also reigned on the throne during the Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War (and has been alive for about 25 wars total).
  • Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” Speech when she was 37 (and had only been on the throne for about 11 years)
  • When the Berlin Wall fell leading to the reunification of East and West Germany the Queen was 63!
  • The Queen was 64 when Nelson Mandela was released from South African prison (he had been imprisoned since she was 35)
  • The Queen was 15 when Pearl Harbor was attacked
  • When Joseph Stalin died the Queen was 26
  • The queen was 35 when the Soviets sent the first human to space!
  • When the Soviet Union collapsed the queen was 65!
  • And the Queen was 75 when 9/11 occurred
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It’s so interesting to think about what has happened within our world within an actually really short amount of time. The way John Green puts it just blows my mind. Green states “it has been a long century… One thing we tend to forget when we talk about history is that history is new. Like we are fewer than five human lifetimes removed from the protestant reformation, and fewer than eight human lifetimes removed from the Mongol empire controlling over a third of Eurasia. The United States was created fewer than three human lifetimes ago, and the abolition of slavery in the U.S occurred fewer than two lifetimes ago.”

This is just so crazy to think and how Queen Elizabeth has not only been alive but has been on the throne for so many world events is crazy to fathom. In summary, Queen Elizabeth’s time as a British Monarch has made her a beloved figure and a cornerstone of steadiness for a country and a family, as she was a sister, a daughter, a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

All information is credited to John Green’s TikTok and baylorschool.org.

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